Ramayana Resort Kochang ( Bangkok)

~~About the location of the Resort~~~

Koh Chang , where this exotic resort is situated is the second largest island in Thailand.It is some 315 kilometers from Bangkok,and The Ramayana Koh Chang Resort is located on the central tip of Koh Chang Island .. The only draw back here is that the Hotel is not located on the beach.The beach is a little distance away at a place called Dewa.However it is well connected with regular mode of transportation to and fro to the beach . The island of Koh Chang has many streams and rivers which are fed by the rainfall collected on the mountain slopes of the island. Due to the great amount of rainfall here these streams are very clean and supply water all year round and there are some lovely waterfalls -Than Mayom, Khlong Phlu, Khlong Nonsi to name a few..

The Flight from Bangkok took just about 45 – 50 minutes by the Bangkok Airways flight which has a flight every day.The Resort is only 30 minutes drive from the airport and Koh Chang island is great to explore ,has plenty of high mountains and cliffs and an Abundance of tropical grenery, with the many waterfalls i mentioned earlier. The major attraction here being the highly reputed long sandy beaches which have remained quite excluisive so far. But i am told that is not the case now, because this resort and the place has become quite popular and there is a flood of tourists there all through the year.. The Ramayana Koh Chang Resort , is situated on the western side of Klong Prao beach, and the island has the best long stretch of sandy beach. It is the most ideal place to laze around and witness those magnificent sunsets .

~~About the resort~~

I was amazed when i saw this place for the first time.It is surrounded by Lush tropical trees and vegetation and looked heavenly.The staff in lovely traditional Thai silk sarongs and the very well done up reception area , everything looked very inviting and top class.

There is a wide range of facilities at the Resort including a magnificent, quite well maintained swimming pool, a shuttle bus service to tourist attraction areas, a well equipped bar, and a range of restaurants serving a good variety of food. It was a pleasue walking through the resort garden and the lanes outside and the beach.There is no rush outside as there isn’t much around here, except the few resorts that are spread out on the island and the beach and the locals who mainly cater to the needs of the tourists.It is all very peaceful and relaxing.

The long stretch of the white beach is absolutely beautiful with a lot of lush greenery and pure blue water.Personally i preferred walking to the beach, as it was just 6-7 minutes from the resort .It was a pleasure walking through the lush surroundings and the tree filled lanes. There are 64 luxurious rooms in the resort , Suite and family suite, all come with private patios, which offers sea view from most rooms, at least ours did. There are 5 restaurants in all. There is ‘ Sritandorn ‘ where the daily buffet breakfast is served from sunrise until nearly noon.

There is a poolside bar, which sems to be the most popular place for guests , having an open terrace Offering snacks & drinks. ‘Kantamas’ Restaurant, the main Eating joint ,so to say ,has a selection of International & Thai cuisine .A nice selection they have there especially the Thai dishes, with a lot of varieties of rice, like rice cooked in coconut milk, steamed rice with fresh root ginger and lemon grass , a great accompaniment to one of their fiery hot prawn or chicken curries called ‘ Gaeng pet ‘ and ‘ Massaman’ .It was really delicious. There is an outdoor BBQ terrace which remains open throughout the day right until midnight and here too one can get drinks, cocktails and barbecues snacks, sandwiches and salads..

Then there is ‘Krairas’ Restaurant which has a wonderful selection of bakery products along with tea and coffee. There is a library here and an Internet corner , a very nice place to relax with some hot puffs, cakes and a cup of hot Coffee and a book while it is raining heavily outside. There is a gym and a spa which according to the other guests who tried it is good but on the expensive side.

~~What to do here~~

The weather here is lovely and more or less the same all round the year except during the monsoon . The best season to visit the island would be between October to May when it is slightly cool and the vegetation at its best soon after the tropical rains.

We were there in July when it rained, rather poured all day!!. It did hamper us in a way, but at the same time, we got to see the resort and the whole island looking its very best, especially soon after a heavy shower, when all the dust got washed away and everything looked clean and fresh. The weather was extremely pleasant and i was surprised to know that they had 70% occupancy even during rains. I am sure at least some of them were availing the off season discount , just like we did. But as i said, that too had its own charm, especially if one was looking for a quiet relaxing holiday.

There are many places that are of interest here on this island . A trip up to Bang Bao fishing village is a must. It is a great place to walk around and shop for local souvenirs, and one can dine of freshly caught seafood here. The shopping though good needs a lot of bargaining skill before one can think of buying.Most of the shop keepers come down to 30% of the cost quoted .But they do have very attractive stuff on display right from bikinis and swim suits , to Thai silk sarongs and tops and crushed cotton dresses and a lot of other local wares .There are lots of handicrafts made from coconut shells and other parts of the coconut tree. But the the most looked forward excursion from my point of view was to the neighboring islands mainly Koh Rang, Koh Wai, Koh Yuak, Koh Kradad and several such little islands spread around , which are all easily accessible by speed boats.They all look absolutely beautiful ,and i am sure it must be much easier to access those places at other time of the year. Unfortunately While we were there we got to go to Koh Wai, which was the closest and the more easily accessible , but that itself was an experience with rough seas , the speed boat ride was scary and the incessant rains, after which we gave up the idea of going to the other islands.

~~My views and opinions~~

There is plenty to do here, what with the fishing village and the many tiny islands which can be explored everyday.But the timimg is very important and it is best avoided during rains, as we did , which prevented us from doing what in my opinion would be the best part of the holiday there – visiting all those heavenly islands and exploring them.

The food was good, mainly the thai food in Kanatamas, the steamed rice that they serve with most dishes was of great quality and most dishes came with a lovely salad and gravy, a vey flling meal. I was not too happy with the bathrooms here , that was my main grouse , it was not too well designed, cramped and not upto the mark for a hotel of that standard.The damp weather too made matters worse.

The towels were either in short supply or the staff were plain lazy.Each time one had to ask them repeatedly to change the towels. The service was otherwise very good,the staff very polite, but the breakfast was a bit disapponting, not too many dishes, and i would have preferred to have at least a couple of local dishes on the menu. I know that ,they do have some really nice breakfast dishes in Thailand.What was offered was the usual western breakfast and surprisingly not much fruit either.I have a feeling that they cut down on everything during off season, as the rates are lower.

The car rental provided by the hotel was far too expensive while one could get a taxi for one third the cost just outside the hotel.This seems to be the case with many big International resorts. One can also hire motor bykes just outside the resort and do all the sightseeing around the island, which works out very economical rather than take a taxi .

~~The Rooms and the facilities provided~~

– Welcome drink upon arrival.

– Deluxe fruit platter.

– In room coffee/ tea making facilities.

-Inclusive the free use of most sport and leisure facility at the hotel, including our activities program, however some equipment,facilities and activities may be subject to an extra charge ( Details of equipment, facilities and activities can be acquried daily at Reception Desk)

-Accommodation & Breakfast maximum 2 children under the age of 12 years old per room.

-Lunch & Dinner : 50% discount for children under 6 years of age


Hanuman Deluxe Room incl. American Breakfast -Double room – US$62/- and for an extra bed US$ 19.32/-

Ravana Junior Suite incl. American Breakfast -Double room – USD 88.89/- and for an extra bed US$ 19.32/-

Rama Family Suite incl. American Breakfast -Double room -USD 146.86 and for an extra bed US$ 19.32/-

Ravana Junior Suite incl. American Breakfast -Double room – USD 88.89/- and for an extra bed US$ 19.32/-

Rama Family Suite incl. American Breakfast -Double room -USD 146.86 and for an extra bed US$ 19.32/-

US$ 19.32/-

Summary: Perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Source by Usha Manohar